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Presentation of the Bibliography of the History of French Justice (1789-2011)

The Bibliographie d'histoire de la Justice française (1789-2011) contains 68,819 references covering judicial institutions and personnel, proceedings and trials, crime and penalties, political repression and the police.


The database was compiled by analysing books and periodical articles published over two centuries, and distinguishes between contemporary publications (sources) and works of a historical nature.

The database, compiled by Jean-Claude Farcy, is a largely expanded version of a bibliography compiled with funding from the Mission de recherche Droit et Justice and published in 1996 by CNRS Editions (2 siècles d'histoire de la Justice en France. Notices bibliographiques). Without claiming to be exhaustive, this bibliography has a number of limitations in terms of the field covered (history of justice) and the presentation of the references.

Put online in October 2005 when the Criminocorpus portal was launched, the new Bibliographie de l'histoire de la justice française contained 63,600 references. Since then, it has been regularly updated by Jean-Claude Farcy for earlier references (new editions) and for additions limited to new historical references. The last update was carried out in June 2011.

December 2020: an update of the bibliography is under consideration.


There are three possible ways of searching:

    simple search (by words in the title, authors, subjects, trials, people, places)
    thematic search (search by detailed plan, equivalent to the table of contents of a book)
    advanced search (by combining several criteria at once).