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Jean-Claude Farcy with Marc Renneville (Translation : Patricia Bass)


Websites with a historical approach to the death penalty :

Website of the Assemblée nationale (in Fr): includes proposed laws, reports from the commission of laws, transcripts of debates (copies of the Journal officiel in PDF), public votes on the subject, promulgated legal texts. Website of the National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, BnF) (in Fr) Victor Hugo, l’homme océan. Dossiers pédagogiques. La peine de mort. Website of the Chaîne Histoire . Dossier peine de mort (in Fr). Website of the Documentation française (in Fr). Collection of documents on the abolition of the death penalty (October 2002) including extracts from speeches made during parliamentary debates, legislation, and a chronology of events, available on the website of the Senate (in Fr). The 20th anniversary of the abolition of the death penalty in France: key events in the history of abolition, context of the 1981 abolition, current world status of death penalty. History of Capital Punishment (in English, organized by country). Website Victor Hugo contre la peine de mort  (in Fr) by Danielle Girard (académie de Rouen). Website Guillotine by Sylvain Larue, on the guillotine, executioners and the condemned (lists).

Websites about the abolition of the death penalty (in Fr) :

Amnesty international, rubric on the death penalty. Together against the death penalty. Les droits de l’homme. L’abolition de la peine de mort. Ligue des droits de l’homme, Number 116 of Hommes et Libertés. Peine de mort. Vers l’abolition (2001). Révoltes.org.

Credits and Acknowledgements

The National Museum of Prisons http://www.justice.gouv.fr/musee/

The Museum of Living History of Montreuil http://www.museehistoirevivante.com/
National Archives Historical Center in Paris http://www.archivesnationales.culture.gouv.fr/chan/
The Archives and Museum of the Parisian Police Prefecture http://www.prefecture-police-paris.interieur.gouv.fr/connaitre/musee/musee1.htm